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devil duck

Paris, 3 July 2002

9€ ice cream (aka lunch)
42€ dinner (on card)
c. 197€ on card at museum gift shop
2€80 groceries

The Hôtel Cluny hosues the Musée Nationale du Moyen-Age, one of our top-priority destinations for the trip. The building is perhaps 17th-c. but built on top of Gallo-Roman baths, largely still intact. But never mind that: the interior is full of medieval paintings sculptures, ivories, tiles, tapestries, etc. As we had been told, there was a 16th-century wafer iron. And a 15th-century host iron... but there were also, in the same display, four 16th-century wafer irons, a c. 1500 host iron, and an enormous 13th-century host iron. I took pictures of all of them, with 400 ASA film, underexposed by two stops, wide open, at 1/30 sec, because the museum doesn't allow flash photography. I shouldn't complain -- if they were in the US, they wouldn't allow any photography -- but the permissiveness of the Louvre spoiled me.

Anyway, I shot about forty frames at the Cluny, not including the lovely cooking pots, aquamaniles, pilgrim badges, naughty carnival badges, helmets, mail, swords, and lots of other stuff that was just too darn dark. shalmestere drew some of these things, and took notes on others. There was a temporary exhibit on gardens, which included watering pots, spades, serpes & serpillons, shears, 14th-c. Avignonese flower-pots, ... as well as lots of pictorial representations of gardens. Again, I shot a few underexposed frames here, and gave up on others.