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devil duck

Marching Through Time

In preparation for a weekend out of town, I cooked some spinach tarts Friday morning, then took the dogs to the sitter. Since we were going to be out of the house for a few days, and furthermore the dogs were out of the house before we were (a rare confluence of events), I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to put a fresh coat of polyurethane on the most heavily-trafficked (and toenail-scarred) bits of floor, so in alternation with packing clothes, food, and instruments into the car, I got as much clutter and furniture off the floor as possible and vacuumed the living- and dining-room floors. By the time this was over, it was time to leave to pick up shalmestere, so I didn't have time to do the reasonably-thorough job with the paintbrush I had hoped, and instead I just applied some spray-can polyurethane while backing out the door.

Traffic getting to the convention center wasn't bad: I picked up shalmestere around 5:30, and we were in New Jersey well before 6:00, looking forward to getting to our hotel by 10:00 and getting a good night's sleep before the La Belle Compagnie show. Traffic on the Jersey Turnpike was heavy, but always moving at or above the speed limit. Then we crossed into Delaware and traffic stopped dead. It took an hour and a half to travel five miles... and as far as I could tell, the only reason for the slowdown was that five lanes of traffic were being compressed into two. So we got to the hotel around 11:30, much tireder than we would have liked.

The next morning we had to be at the site by 8:00 to set up, so we grabbed breakfast at McDonald's, and got to the site around 7:30. There were fewer La Belle people than usual attending, so we had planned a fairly unambitious setup and scenario; people worked well together, and the camp was basically set up by 10:00, an hour before the public was to arrive. The weather was gorgeous, and a fair number of visitors came through, so we were pretty thoroughly talked out by closing time at 5:00. The gorgeous weather was forecast to end around midnight, to be followed by an inch or two of rain, so the event organizers canceled the Sunday show. Team La Belle struck camp and packed cars, again fairly efficiently, and most of us (plus a potential recruit who had spent much of the afternoon watching us interact with the public) went to a restaurant for a laid-back dinner, looking forward to not having another day of public show ahead tomorrow.

After dinner, shalmestere and I got into our car, and Will, who was staying in the same hotel, got into his, for the five-mile trip back to the hotel. We got onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, got to the exit before ours, and traffic stopped dead. It took an hour and a half to travel two miles. Police cars had blocked both southbound lanes of the Parkway, exactly at our exit, and were funneling all the Parkway traffic onto our exit, where (naturally) they all had to wait at the traffic light at the top of the exit ramp. Once safely in our hotel room, we turned on the TV news and did some Google-searching to find out what had closed the entire Parkway, but it didn't seem to be sufficiently newsworthy to warrant coverage.

The next morning, we had breakfast with Will (watching an intermittent downpour outside the restaurant windows, and being very thankful for the event cancellation) and hit the road for home, looking forward to getting home and retrieving the Things earlier than expected, unpacking and recovering for the afternoon, etc. The rain soon stopped, and the weather was gorgeous. We got to the Staten Island Expressway and traffic slowed down as usual. It took an hour and a half to travel ten miles, but no big surprise there; as shalmestere said, "there is no good time to cross Staten Island."

Anyway, we're mostly unpacked, the Things are back from the sitter's, we've bought some groceries and eaten dinner, and the world is basically OK. I don't want to drive tomorrow.


I don't want to drive tomorrow.

I don't blame you at all! That sounds horrible!
I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic food treats you brought down. They were delicious and very welcome.
I am so glad we did not try to stay for a second day - we've had 3-4 inches of rain in Haymarket - and it rained steadily until 6pm. We have a leak in our roof now... joy.

Sorry you hit so much traffic, glad you got home safe.
Bob and Scott C and I talked a lot this morning about the event (once we unpacked the van) and while we were talking I managed to make 19 of the 26 replacement ropes for the big marquis tent - as soon as I finish the rest (had to order more 8mm rope) we will not have to deal with the nasty sisal rope knots any more (yippea).
>> We have a leak in our roof now... <<

Oh, ugh. Hope you found it before it did damage.
Thanks for making the tart. I had some and it was yummy.

Sorry about traffic. Ick.


We'll have to try that next time--thanks for the tip!

Many thanks

For the suggestion, from a regular visitor to mid-Delaware 8)



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Master of Understatement...

traffic stopped dead. It took an hour and a half to travel five miles...

traffic stopped dead. It took an hour and a half to travel two miles.

traffic slowed down as usual. It took an hour and a half to travel ten miles

I don't want to drive tomorrow.

Re: Master of Understatement...

BTW, I know some of the state routes and old US routes around the Wilmington area if that's ever useful in the future...