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devil duck

Fools of Gotham

Fools of Gotham went off reasonably well. The bakery where we'd pre-ordered bread had lost the order, so my co-steward minstrlmummr, who was picking it up, got to the site 45 minutes later than planned... but even then only the three kitchen staff were ahead of her. The site got new ovens a year ago or so, and our industrial-sized baking sheets no longer fit into them, and somehow the group has forgotten that since the last time it happened... but one of the people at the event was able to get into the pantry where the site's own cookie sheets are stored, so that was OK. I forgot to bring flour to thicken the endoring mix, but flour is neither difficult nor expensive to buy at the last minute.

We had a guest appearance by Jasmine, the duck, the unofficial mascot of An Dubhaigeainn; she helped the kitchen staff use up their carrot peels and apples, and we stroked her neck (and then washed our hands thoroughly!) in breaks between food prep. People told silly tales, both throughout the day and at feast. Four contestants entered the gurning contest at feast. The archers shot at the butts (a rabbit butt, a sheep butt, a deer butt, a bee butt, and even a royal pain in the arse). People competed to throw bags of gold down a rabbit hole, in hopes that the rabbit would carry their taxes to the landlord. There was a lively game of cross-country cheese bocce.

Attendance was low, as we knew it would be, so the event lost a few hundred dollars, as we knew it would, but the weather was gorgeous, and everybody there seems to have had a good time, and lunch and dinner were tasty and period, and whenever volunteer labor was needed it was there, and I didn't hear anybody snapping at anybody the whole day. We weren't quite the last ones out the door, but the hall was clean and almost ready to close up, half an hour before scheduled site closing.

Now on to the next crisis :-)


Re: cross-country cheese bocce

But eminently logical, in Gotham logic :-)