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devil duck

Terry Pratchett and the Reaper

Thanks to la_peregrina, this entertaining and thought-provoking talk from the late Sir Terry:

It has come to my attention that my first attempt to post this screwed up people's friends feeds, because LJ has some odd interpretations of HTML.  You know how
<html-tag params></html-tag>
is supposed to be equivalent to
<html-tag params/>
at least since HTML 4 or so? Not in LJ-land, it isn't....


Are they actually equivalent, or is it that some tags support the /-syntax for unary tags? (HTML5 may be more explicit about this, but IIRC 4 only said "for empty-tags like img and br, you can use the /-syntax instead of an unnecessary close tag".)

The specs and DTD are being annoying for finding this, sadly.