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devil duck

feast update

2:00 PM: Eight spinach tarts are in the refrigerator. Lunch has been eaten. Blancmange has been mixed, and some of it has gone into molds in the oven; depending on how this batch comes out, I'll adjust the texture and seasoning. Dishwasher has been emptied, filled, run, and emptied. Next: tart debris.


tart debris

Guess what: the recipe is for a shallow-dish pie, and my pie pans are deep-dish, so it takes approximately twice as much filling to fill one. Given the choice between putting out skimpy-looking pies, with the crust and pan towering over the filling, and buying a little more egg and cheese, I'm opting for the latter. Hey, it's a protein source for the vegetarians....

The blancmange unmolded easily; the texture is somewhere between the first time we made it and the second. Which is a bit drier than I'd like, so I added a little more butter and almond milk and put another small batch in the oven.
Four (4) Tarts Debris are in the fridge. About 48 ovoid meatballs are parboiled and in the fridge, to be endored and finished off in the oven tomorrow. About 18 single-serving blancmanges, and a big one for High Table, are in the fridge; ten more are in the oven, and there's enough mix for another five or ten after that.

Around 5:45 shalmestere asked whether I had picked up the deboned goat meat from the butcher that was supposed to be picked up before 5:00. I said something unprintable and ran out to the car. It was OK, because the butcher hadn't actually deboned it yet. IANAB, but I would have thawed the meat before trying to debone it... anyway, I watched as the butcher deboned the whole thing with a table-saw (which probably means we'll have to watch for bone fragments as we cook). I drove home, finished my interrupted dinner, and went on pre-cooking. shalmestere went out to pick up one more last-minute ingredient, then started DTP-ing a spiffy menu to place on the tables.