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devil duck


So, we're running an SCA event on Saturday. It's up against a major SF con, twenty miles away, where the SCA always does a demo; it's up against a University event, maybe a hundred miles away; it's up against four other SCA events in the Kingdom, all within a three-hour drive; and our group is running Coronation a week later. As a result, reservations are low, and the event is guaranteed to lose money: if we sell a lot of last-minute feast tickets to walk-ins, enough to use up the groceries we bought, we'll only lose about $200. We probably should have canceled this thing a month or two ago, but we didn't, so we're just going to have fun, play some silly-but-period games, and feed people a good feast.

So, about the feast... shalmestere and I have always believed in pre-cooking as much as humanly possible, so there's less opportunity for things to go wrong on the day of the event. We made a batch of quince pastes a few months ago, and another one last week. We made a batch of wafers last week. Today, in the process of shopping for something else, I came across a bin full of surprisingly good-looking beet greens, so I bought them and will include them in the Menagier spinach tarts. Problem is, the refrigerator is full to bursting, so I semi-cooked and chopped them tonight so they would take up less room (and yes, they reduced in volume by a factor of about six). We made a gallon and a half of "potage for a fish day" tonight, so the kitchen smells deliciously fruity. It'll smell of lots of other things tomorrow, as I'm spending most of tomorrow pre-cooking, with breaks to take delivery of the Provincial cookware and servingware, and to pick up ten pounds of meat at the butcher.

Tired now. Bedtime.


Thou didst say a mouthful...

We probably should have canceled this thing a month or two ago, but we didn't,

In a more perfect world, all of the signs of impending doom would have raised their ugly heads with sufficient lead time, in front of sufficiently experienced people, to make that decision more obvious than it turned out to be--some of the monsters hadn't revealed themselves two months ago, when cancellation would have been the less costly option 8/

If it's any "consolation", when I spoke to vikingchick last week, there were no reservations in hand for their event at all...

Re: Thou didst say a mouthful...

Quite true. The monsters showed up one at a time, and each one individually looked manageable.
What is "potage for a fish day"? Fruity sounds good to me today. :-)
Watch for more info after the event :-D