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about that speech...

OK, I finally watched Obama's race speech from Philadelphia last week.

Wow. I noticed the guy's charisma at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and he hasn't lost a bit of it. This is the kind of speech that goes into textbooks, that inspires people to change their lives, that puts Obama in the category of Great Orators, with Lincoln, FDR, JFK, MLK, Reagan, and (yes) Hitler. Now, a great orator is not necessarily a great leader or a great person, but to the extent that the President's job is to get the American people to move in a particular direction, it's certainly a point in favor. A great orator who also happens to be intelligent (which Obama clearly is), fair and reasonable (the overwhelming impression from this speech), honest (we don't really know yet... he is, after all, a politician), and most importantly agree with me on a number of issues :-) has the potential to be a Great President, of the sort we get only every generation or two.