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devil duck


[transcribed from paper diary]

27 € lunch, 14 € dinner, 5 € groceries

A wandering day, with few specific destinations. We started by taking the Metró to the Jardin des Plantes, where we spent several hours doing nothing much: seeing and smelling the flowers, talking, enjoying the warm sunshine (a rare occurrence hereabouts!) The adjacent zoo looked interesting, but we felt it required more investment in attention (and Euros) than we wanted to give it. So we wandered across the Latin Quarteer, visiting the Arénes de Lutece (a Roman gladiatoral amphitheatre, restored to something approximating its original appearance and now being used for plays and concerts, as well as picnicking) and a remnant of the 10-meter-high city wall built in the 12th century. And we kept wandering, running into three or four more small medieval churches, until we found an appropriate Metró stop and came back to the hotel for a nap, dinner, cards, ...

Tomorrow, we're rising early to catch the TGV to Angers, where are (in addition to the usual 13th- and 14th-century castle and cathedral a complete cycle of late 14th-century tapestries representing the Apocalypse. Should be good....