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devil duck

Angers and the Louvre

[Transcribed from paper diary]

9 July: Angers was incredible, although we would have enjoyed the exterior of the château and the city more if it hadn't been raining much of the day. But still, the city has lots of cute medieval streets, the château (dating mostly to the 13th c.) is most impressive, with its seventeen 40'-diameter round towers, thick wall, and huge, steep-walled moat, and the Apocalypse Tapestries are amazing. I took only a few photos of them, as we bought a guidebook that shows all the scenes in vivid color (shot from the back, which hasn't been exposed to light very often in 600 years so it hasn't faded as much). And the Cathedral is gorgeous too. I'd better return to that topic.

And the TGV was an interesting experience. When two of them pass, at (say) 180 km/hour each, or more, the relative speed is at least 100 m/sec, so the entire length of the other train passes one's window in a second.

Yesterday, 10 July, we returned to the Louvre to see some rooms that had been closed on our previous two visits: medieval French, Italian, & Spanish sculpture, medieval French, Dutch, German, & Flemish painting. On our tired way out, we re-visited some of the medieval "objets d'art".

10 July: lunch picnic (c. 5 € groceries), dinner 8.60 € at gyro place

The Cathedral at Angers has the same sorts of 12th-century sculpted figures at the portals as Chartres did, but one of the women has visible side-lacing -- as far as I knew, the side-lacing was only a hypothesis put forth to explain the horizontal wrinkling over the midriff in this garment. shalmestere and I spent a while last night puzzling over the various photos and postcards of these stretched portal figures. Today we plan to visit Senlis, whose Cathedral was built only a few years before Chartres (and in similar record time -- 40 years), so we hope to add more data to the pot. The Queen of Sheba figure in the "French medieval sculpture" section of the Louvre is in the same style, and I got some photos of it too.