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devil duck

Senlis today.

[Transcribed retroactively from paper diaries]

Senlis has gone from witnessing the coronation of Hugh Capet over 1100 years ago, through centuries of royal fame, through having its train station & some of its churches bombed in WWI, to being a quiet bedroom community, barely in commuting range of Paris... a quiet community with a 12th-century Cathedral (the inspiration for Chartres) and castle ruins built on 3rd-century Gallo-Roman fortifications. And much of the downtown area still looks medieval, with narrow, twisty cobblestoned streets meeting at random angles, lined with half-timbered and/or stone houses. I took a few dozen pictures, mostly on ASA 1600 (in the mistaken belief that most of the pictures would be of museum artifacts). The main portal of the Cathedral has figures sorta similar to those at Chartres, but they were all decapitated in the Revolution and restored rather oddly in 1835. And there seems to be only one woman on the entire portal: a Biblical seer named Deborah.

The stained glass has all been replaced in the last 200 years, and the surviving stone sculpture is much more deteriorated than at Chartres or Angers. Still, quite a pleasant day, between strolling the town streets, examining Gallo-Roman ruins & artifacts in the Musée d'Arts, and sitting in the idyllic garden surrounded by ruins of the 12th-c. royal castle.

lunch: 24.50€ (card)
transit: about 28€ (card)
dinner: c. 10.50€
museums: about 7€