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devil duck


[transcribed from paper diary retroactively]

c. 20 € Tour Eiffel (card)
c. 15 € dinner
c. 15 € groceries, mailing tube, &c.

OK, we finally broke down & visited the Eiffel Tower. Long lines, of course, since it wasn't raining, but a lovely view nonetheless. Picnic lunch in the gardens near the Tower. After lunch, we took the subway to the Latin Quarter, browsed some used-book stalls ("bouquinistes"), tried the famous Berthillon ice cream (which really is as good as they say), and returned to the hotel to plan tomorrow's trip to Provins.

Unfortunately, due to weekend track work (if I understood the French correctly), there's a reduced train schedule to Provins, and we'd only have about four hours there. So we're deciding what to do: rent a car fot eh day to see Provins, or do other stuff in Paris, like the Ceramic Museum or the Centre Georges Pompidou.