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devil duck


[transcribed from paper diary retroactively]

42 € dinner (not very good actually)
7 € ice cream
12 € lunch

Our last full day in Paris, and nothing specific schedule. We rose late, took the subway to the southwest corner of Paris to find the alleged Ceramics Museum, but didn't immediately see any signs for it, and we weren't sure it would be open on Bastille Day, so we returned to the 4me. Along the way we saw the remnants of a military parade, tried a lunch at McDonald's France (not much different), and visited the merchanges in the vicinity of the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Oh, yes: this morning as we waited for the subway (on an above-ground platform) we saw seven fighter jets scream overhead in formation, leaving trails of red, white, and blue, followed by an AWACS plane and several more formations of fighters, presumably in honor of Bastille Day. It wasn't as worrisome as when we saw the same sort of thing (sans colored smoke) from a window of the Louvre four days ago. In retrospect, it was probably a practice run for today, but at the time we wondered if somebody had declared war or carried out a terrorist attack or something.

Enough of that. We're getting on a plane home at noon tomorrow, and nobody will be smoking in the entire plane!