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devil duck

Lab journal: chocolate things

So, to review...

The first time we tried making these,
I substituted erythritol for the sugar, unsweetened chocolate for the semisweet, and almond meal for the all-purpose flour. The result was a decent cupcake, but far from the crusty-topped, molten-centered thing in the pictures.

The second time, I followed the recipe to the letter (I didn't have "superfine" or "caster" sugar, so I used half-and-half granulated and powdered), and it came out as a crusty-topped, molten-centered thing like in the pictures. The crusty top looked more like brownie than creme brulee, but I'm not complaining. It was heavenly, though perhaps a bit on the sweet side.

The third time, I replaced the 3/8 cup of "superfine" or "caster" sugar in the (halved) recipe with 1/8 cup granulated sugar and 1/8 cup powdered erythritol, but left all the other ingredients unchanged. The result was a decent cupcake, scorched on the edges of the top (although I thought I had baked it for the same time at the same temperature as before).

Conclusion: the sugar really is necessary, or at least erythritol isn't a good substitute for it in this application. Next time, try real sugar, but substitute the flour (and, as minstrlmummr suggests, reduce the baking time a bit for the nut flour). Then maybe try reducing the sugar, replacing some of it with a different artificial sweetener (e.g. maltitol seems to work pretty well for baking applications).


Fourth try

Substituted almond meal for the all-purpose flour, and unsweetened (Scharffenberger's 99%) chocolate for the semisweet. 3 T granulated sugar and 3 T powdered sugar. Baked for 18 minutes, which was slightly too long; make it 15. The top crust wasn't quite as crunchy as when we followed the recipe exactly, but the interior was reasonably gushy (and would presumably be more so with only 15 minutes' baking).