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devil duck

Presidential debate

On the 10/8 debate [transcribed from paper diary]

What I wanted to hear from Kerry

Stem cells: I'm not a biological researcher, but I listen to those who are, and they overwhelmingly say embryonic stem cells have more potential than adult stem cells. Pres. Bush doesn't listen to scientists unless they agree with the decision he's already made.

Environment: this was Kerry's question, and he did nothing with it. I wanted specifics, on how the environmental initiatives GWB listed were actually lessening environmental protection, with giveaways to big corporations. Ex: "Healthy Forests": scientists say forest fires spread through excess underbrush, not excess full-grown trees. But underbrush isn't profitable, so GWB gave timber companies a lot of full-grown trees to cut down, and pretended it had something to do with preventing forest fires. Similar specifics on the other initiatives.

Abortion: decent answer to begin with, but it got diffused. "I can't force my faith on everybody else in the country."

Iraq: we should go after terrorists where they are, and they weren't in Iraq. (They are now, but they weren't until after we invaded.) Saddam could have given WMD's to al Qaeda, if he had had them and if he'd been on speaking terms, but he didn't and he wasn't. Saddam and Osama bin Laden both hated the U.S., but the fact is they also hated one another, and have not cooperated on anything in over ten years.

On "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time": There's no inconsistency between saying we shouldn't have invaded Iraq when we did, in the way we did, and saying that now that we're there, we need to finish the job properly.

On "I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it": "I voted for $87 billion for the troops when it was paid for; I voted against the same $87 billion when it wasn't paid for. No inconsistency there."


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