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politics and economics

Just a few interesting articles I've read recently on the economic impact of the GWB administration. Gakked from... I don't remember where, various places.

an article by Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz listing the missed economic opportunities of the past twelve or so years.

an Alternet article about Bushenomics which argues that the entire growth in the US economy under GWB is in "money supply", not actual jobs or productivity, and that this enormous deficit-driven money supply led directly and predictably to the sub-prime mortgage mess. So what are we doing today? Cutting interest rates and writing checks to every US citizen, both to increase the money supply.

Jim Holt's piece "It's the Oil, Stupid", which argues that the Iraq war has been not a failure at all, but an almost total success -- at ensuring US control of Iraq's oil for the next thirty years, regardless of who is in the White House or Congress.

And, of course, my own history of Federal budget deficits.