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more server migration argh!

So I told the Computing Center about the various problems mentioned here, and they started fixing things. In fact, several of the problems have been fixed, but one -- the disk quota issue -- has gotten worse: I now have a disk quota of 4 blocks on the new Web server. I'm not sure what a disk block is on this system, but I think it's either 512 bytes or 1 KB. In other words, I have approximately enough disk quota to store this LJ post, as long as there are no graphics. Since I'd already transferred 52000 blocks' worth of data to the new Web server before the quota dropped to 4, I'm over my limit by a factor of 13000. Creating new files, and even editing existing ones, are Right Out. Setting up class Web sites for the classes I'm teaching less than 48 hours from now is likewise Right Out.

I guess I can write syllabi; that doesn't require a Web server, unless I want to post the syllabi where the students can see them....


With disks as cheap as they are these days, what could their reasoning possibly be? Is it that you have to use a sanctioned CMS or something similar?

4 blocks - no matter the block size - is a ridiculously small space, especially for someone who likely has need to post content...
I don't know what the reasoning was for the original quota; I suspect it was just a default setting that nobody bothered to change.

Lowering my quota to 4 blocks, I'm assuming, was a mistake in the process of trying to raise it. It could be something as simple as a typo.

My quota is now 4 million blocks, not 4; this is a bit more reasonable.
Oh, good. I was wondering what they were up to ;)