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server migration -- ARGH!

The Computing Center at my school announced last summer that they'd be migrating the machine I use for e-mail and Web to a new server, and invited me to help beta-test. I didn't have much time to do so last semester; I logged on once or twice, pointed out that my username was not mine but that of one of the sysadmins (they apologized and promptly fixed that), and dove into the flurry of fall classes. I was most worried about e-mail: the new machine won't BE an e-mail server, so all my e-mail will be coming through Groupwise rather than ordinary Unix mail. The real question for me is what to do with 1.4 GB of old e-mail messages, in 432 hierarchically organized folders, connected with symbolic links; I don't know how much of that I can do in Groupwise.

Anyway, this morning they took the next step: the old machine was renamed from "___" to "old___", and the new one from "new___" to "___". I have a different username and a different password on the new machine, but that's not too bad so far. Files have NOT been automatically copied to the new machine; I'm responsible for doing that myself. So just at the moment, all of my Web pages are down. Approximately 18000 of them.

I started copying the Web pages to the new machine and ran into disk-quota problems that had never occurred on the old machine.

Furthermore, for security reasons the new machine has home directory names with no obvious connection to the username, so even if I could get those 18000 files moved over, anybody with a URL pointing to them will get a 404 error until the computing center re-installs my directory alias on the web server.

Furthermore, server-side includes and CGI scripts are apparently not enabled for my directory (yet), so every Web page that relies on anything server-side is broken.

Furthermore, the new web server doesn't look for index.html and index.shtml files by default; they need to be named explicitly in the URL. Which is a pain because I can never remember which directories have an index.html and which have an index.shtml (which doesn't work right now anyway; see above).

All of this, naturally, is happening less than a week before my classes start. Rapturous joy.


Ow. Ow. Ow. Pain after pain...

Ideally, they'd have identified usage patterns on what's stored and how it's accessed and the like... Sorry to hear they did none of that :( Enforcing a quota is all well and good, of course, but it shouldn't be a *hard* quota up front, not if you've got a set amount of existing stuff that has to move over...

Wish I could do more than empathize...