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The semester approacheth...

I'm scheduled to teach three courses, of which Programming for Poets has a reasonable 30 students... but the other two combined have 7 students registered, and the University won't pay for that. On the other hand, they're both required courses, so they don't want to cancel them either. The usual dodge in this case is to convert them into "independent study", which requires each of the 7 students to fill out separate paperwork, drop the original course and add the independent study, and also means I get approximately half as much workload credit, so I need to teach another course to fulfill my obligations for the semester.

The last time this happened, I ended up teaching Computer Literacy, on 24 hours' notice, using textbooks that somebody else had ordered months before... and I tried to make the best of it, but it wasn't one of my all-time great teaching successes. This semester, the department chair says there's a graduate mathematical logic course available, if I'm willing to teach one evening a week. "Graduate course" is stretching a point -- in practice, it'll probably have the exact same content as the undergraduate course -- but at least it's related to my graduate training, and it'll be populated by math-ed students, with whom I have more in common, and it's fewer students (which means less homework to grade, less difficulty learning their names, and so on).

So, thinkthinkthink... the last time I taught mathematical logic, I used a software package named Tarski's World and its associated textbook, but they were last updated 13 years ago, and that's getting pretty creaky. I'll ask around....

The total number of students for the semester is reasonable. Preparing for four different subjects will be a pain. Still, it could be much worse: I've taught all four before, two of the four many times, and I actually like all the subjects.