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I like trains

I left the house around 11:30 this morning, caught a train into NYC, then another train upstate to a professional conference. The Hudson was high, brown and roiling, and there were a fair number of semi-flooded fields along the way. I think I saw a bald eagle sitting by the side of the river; I definitely saw a lot of Canada geese, and perhaps a loon. If I'd taken the plane, I probably would have gotten here slightly faster (counting time getting to the airport, going through security, transferring in Atlanta or someplace like that), but on the train, any time I felt like it, I could get up and walk around, there was nobody in the seat next to mine, and I had enough leg room for a human being.

I'm safely ensconced in a hotel room now. Tomorrow I go to a 3-hour workshop (there are three of them, they all sound interesting, and I don't remember which one I signed up for!), then a bunch of miscellaneous talks about how to teach computer science. Saturday morning my colleague and I are scheduled to give a miscellaneous talk about how to teach computer science, so I spent most of the train ride trying to reconcile her PowerPoint slides with mine into a single coherent presentation. Last-minute? No, not us....

I made a bunch of sausage-egg-and-cheese tarts (aka "The Atkins Breakfast Special") before I left the house, so I didn't have to resort to Amtrak snack-car food. I'll have no alternative on the way home....


Pls fone home kthksbye
Henry likes trains too. Choo choo!
Amtrak ROX.

When I want to give myself a treat, I use Amtrak for visiting Teh Family.
(Of course, NE Corridor trains can be a bit more crowded...)

I made a bunch of sausage-egg-and-cheese tarts

Oh, those were good. They made the Queens Farm Demo early morning easier to deal with :)

I much prefer trains (and even buses) to planes, whenever I can get away with them, so I second the sentiments voiced.