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cold-calls from Worthy Causes

Good afternoon.

Hello, sir. This is [insert name here], with the [insert worthy cause here]. Did you know that [insert sob story here]? Many citizens like yourself are contributing at a level of $25 or $50. Which may I put you down for?

You may put me down for "Do Not Call."

I understand completely, sir; would $15 or $20 be more comfortable for you?

You may put me down for "Do Not Call."

Shall I put you down for $10 then?

You may put me down for "Do Not Call." Please put me on your "Do Not Call" list. Please Do Not Call Me. Ever.

All right, sir, I can do that.


Seriously, if I had been interested in donating to this particular Worthy Cause (which, BTW, also called the night before last while we were making dinner), I would no longer be.


*giggle* That reminds my of my favorite phone donation request (this happened back a decade and a half ago):

Phone Bank: Hello, I'm calling from the U.C. Davis alumni fund. How are you doing today?

Me: I got laid off from my job today.

PB: Uh ... well, we're soliciting donations for the Annual Fund, how much would you be interested in contributing?

Me: What part of "laid off from my job" was unclear?

To be fair, the phone soliciter was definitly thrown off her script a little, and I confess that I was having a bit of fun since I have a policy of never responding to phone solicitations anyway.

And My Favorite....

Me: Hello?

Student Volunteer: Hi! This is $NAME, and I'm a student at the IU School of Library and Information Science, and I'm calling to ask you to donate--

Me: I really can't right now.

Student Volunteer: Let me tell you what your donation can do--

Me: Look: I'm still paying off the student loans I took out to get my MLS, and--as you're going to find out--librarians don't make much money....

She ran out of steam after that :->
I read the subsequent entry, which identified the organization, and I can tell you point-blank that the organization you named DOES NOT COLD-CALL. In fact, that organization does not solicit directly at all; there is a separate organization that solicits - using their own name, not that of the organization you identified - and without using specific "sob-stories". I'm assuming that I'll see you face-to-face in a few days; ask me then and I'll provide more info. I should note that NO OTHER ORGANIZATION THAN THE ONE I HAVE NOT NAMED HERE is authorized to solicit on behalf of the supposed beneficiaries of the calls you are speaking of. This was an attempt at fraud; the District Attorney - and possibly the Attorney General - would be quite interested in good information about the "solicitor".

fraud vs. cold-calling

Yes, it occurred to me that that might be the case. Unfortunately, I don't have any "good information" about the solicitor.