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devil duck

Da Weekend

It was a pretty good living-history show: the weather was quite good, neither too warm nor too cold, not too windy, not too sunny nor too depressingly overcast; we got a few spatters of rain just at closing time, when we were planning to pack up anyway. There weren't hordes of visitors, but a decent number, and we got to talk to them about armor, food & cooking, tents, music, fingerloop braiding, swordplay, etc. The Sunday show was cancelled due to weather forecasts of steady, often heavy, rain, so we packed up quite efficiently (under the threat of rain), went to dinner, drove back to sutragirl and snolan's house, unloaded stuff quite efficiently, stretched out things that needed to dry, and suddenly realized that we were all dehydrated and exhausted. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, but I mustered the strength to change clothes and spend half an hour or so in the hot tub with shalmestere, sutragirl, and snolan. <arlo-guthrie>And then we went to bed and didn't get up until the next morning...</arlo-guthrie> fairly late the next morning, in fact. Spent a pleasant, laid-back morning chatting and eating show leftovers, packed the car and headed back to NYC in the pouring rain. At least it's daylight and pouring rain, and we're not as tired and cranky as if we had done a show today.

[Writing this in the car:] We'll get home at a civilized hour, the good Lord willin' an' the crick don't rise (and I mean that literally -- there were a lot of soggy-looking fields a few inches below road level as we left snolan and sutragirl's house). Monday I have to teach a class at 9 AM, cover a colleague's class at 10 AM (since his wife is having surgery), teach a class at 11 AM, play a starring role in a faculty meeting on general education learning outcomes assessment from 12 to 2, and teach another class at 2:25. The rest of the week calms down a little, but I have a lot of homework to grade, and homework assignments to write, and a conference presentation to prepare before leaving town on Thursday to spend Friday and Saturday at the conference.

Let's see... what else has happened lately? shalmestere and I read Barbara Kingsolver's new book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a nonfiction chronicle of her family's "year of eating locally": they swore to eat nothing whose provenance they didn't know (which in general meant either they grew it themselves or bought it from local farmers they knew). They made exceptions for flour and spices, since neither grows well in southwestern Virginia, where they live, and since spices are so light and non-perishable that transporting them a few thousand miles from where they grow to where they're consumed doesn't have much environmental impact. The book inspired us to get to some farmers' markets in Manhattan (there are apparently none in Queens until May or June), and on Tuesday, after the probable last frost of the spring, I picked up a flat of broccoli seedlings, tore up a few square feet of the front lawn, and planted them. I don't know how much sense it makes to try to grow vegetables in a suburban front lawn, but our "back yard" is concrete, so the front lawn is the only place to even try such an experiment. (Actually, I had slightly more seedlings than I could fit in one row across the front lawn, so a few of them are in a pot on the windowsill -- not that I expect to get a harvest from a pot, but if any of the ones in the lawn die in the next few weeks, I can replace them.) Broccoli allegedly likes moist, cool weather, which we've certainly had for the past week. We'll see how they're doing when we get home.

Update: We're home now. Even going at or below the speed limit the whole way, we got home in less time than it took to drive down on Friday, because there was no traffic. Which doesn't make it an easy drive, in heavy rain for most of the 6-1/2 hours, but at least we're home before my bedtime.


WE'RE NOT IN THE SUBURBS!!!!! It's Urban Residential, dammit!

<ahem> Nothin' to see here, move along.... ;-)

Ah stands corrected...

From the perspective of somebody in Manhattan, we're in the suburbs (if we exist at all!). From the perspective of anybody else in the world, we're in the city.

TW patterns

No, that'll be a demo at Kalamazoo.
Glad you are home safe and sound (if a little wet). How bad are the winds there today? We have real howling gusts to 60mph here.


No wind to speak of up here. The weather report I heard this morning said that the center of the low-pressure system (what would be an eye if it were a hurricane) had stalled over NYC and would be here for another day or two.