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devil duck

mis-heard lyrics

We're all familiar with "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy," "There's a bathroom on the right," "You're a mahogany tree, babe," and the like.  This morning on our favorite folkie-singer-songwriter station was a song with a country-western vibe whose chorus tag-line seemed to be "She's a mixed up meshugginah girl".  On further listening, I concluded it was really "She's a mixed up, mixed up sugar girl," which actually makes LESS sense than the mis-heard version.
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There used to be a radio station in Philly in the 80's that payed "The Biggest Hits in Rock n Roll". Except the way they pronounced it, the "T" sound from "Biggest" would always seem as if it was part of "hits", but not in a "TH" kind of way.
I take it they played a lot of Madonna and Tina Turner?