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devil duck

Miscellaneous photos

Two months ago, I went on my periodic pilgrimage to Gold City, the enormous Asian-grocery store in Flushing.  I couldn't resist picking up one of these:
dragonfruit small
I'd never eaten a dragonfruit before, but I looked it up on the Web.  Apparently one is supposed to cut it open:
dragonfruit interior
scoop out the flesh (which is somewhere between strawberry, Asian pear, and kiwi), and discard the colorful but tough rind.  DId that.  Meh.

We've recently started taking private shawm lessons from Bob Wiemken of Piffaro.  He lives in a lovely neighborhood of Philadelphia (and there are so many!):
Philly row-houses small

Back at home, we went for a walk with the dogs in the park near our house:
white tree
forsythia and violets


and then took a train into Manhattan for a concert at the Cloisters:
cloisters window

In May, we flew to Indiana for the Indiana Early Double Reed Workshop (aka "shawm camp").  We had a few hours to spend in Bloomington (one of the coolest college towns in existence), eat at Mother Bear's (some of the best pizza in existence), etc.  From the sidewalk in front of Fraternity Row:
iu graffiti

I don't seem to have a lot of pictures of the gorgeous camp in the wooded hills outside Bloomington, where the workshop took place.  But we found this over the door of our cabin:
moth 2

Anad finally, a picture of our two greyhounds sleeping on a nest in a motel room, in what looks like an uncomfortable position to me (but then I'm not a greyhound):
tangled greys

I hope that was enlightening and entertaining....