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devil duck

Ostgardr Commons

For those of you familiar with the SCA, but not from the greater New York City area,...

The Crown Province of Ostgardr holds a monthly business meeting, called "Commons". Since we don't have any free sites at colleges, churches, etc. for meetings, it happens at people's houses, rotating from month to month, and for the last several years shalmestere and I have claimed the December meeting, which turns into an Xmas party as well. This year I gave my last final exam at mid-day, then caught the next train home and started cooking and cleaning; shalmestere took half a day off so she could come home early and start cooking and cleaning too. Grilled butterflied leg of lamb, hummus, tapenade, pita bread, carrot slaw (which we made from multi-colored carrots from the farmer's market), six kinds of Xmas cookies, mushrooms stuffed with an onion/Brie/pesto mixture, mulled cider, veggies and dip, Brie tarts, "heroin" chicken wings... and that's not counting the stuff other people brought to contribute to the table (some soda pop and a bunch of desserts).

Anyway, it's over. Several bags of trash have gone out, the second or third dishwasher load of the day is running, the leftovers are put away, and we found people to take home the most egregious of the desserts so we wouldn't have to have them in the house. Tired.

In the morning, I have to finish grading my last final, and a few homework problems from that class (which I really should have graded weeks ago!), and assign letter grades, and my semester is over! I have no shortage of "to-do"'s, of course: read and referee a few high school science papers (some of which, in past years, have been really good), choose a textbook for one of my spring classes (this should have been done at least a month ago), test software and send it to the Computing Center for installation before spring semester starts, write up a glossary of assessment lingo (what exactly is the difference among "goals", "outcomes", and "objectives"?) so the various committees on my campus are speaking the same language, write more exercises and chapters for my nascent programming textbook (and update the existing chapters to agree with the latest software release), shop the aforementioned textbook around to some publishers, prepare for next semester's classes....

So those are my "to-do"'s. The joint "to-do"'s are more fun: the obligatory pre-Xmas inspection of holiday lights and storefront displays in Midtown, wrap and unwrap Xmas gifts, write checks to Worthy Causes, see some movies (there's a sizeable backlog of recent offerings: Beowulf, Enchanted, Golden Compass, Sweeney Todd, Persepolis, and the DVD of OotP, all of which have been postponed until my final exams and Ostgardr Commons were over).