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final exam week

Why do students' grandparents always die during final exam week? Do the insurance companies know about this risk factor?

In happier news, I've finished writing the final I'm giving this afternoon, and taking it myself (33 minutes -- they should be able to do it in two hours.) As far as I know, none of the students in this afternoon's class has lost any grandparents recently, and half of them have been in my classes before, so they've already used up the standard-issue supply of grandparents. Still need to write the final exam that I'm giving Wednesday, and write the final exam that I'm giving Friday, and grade a whole bunch of homework.

The syllabus for the big class doesn't say anything about late homework. (I found out I was teaching the course on 24 hours' notice, so the syllabus was a bit of a rush job.) Which means I'm technically within my rights to give zeroes to anything turned in after the due date. I haven't been quite that strict so far this semester, but maybe I'll give a flat 10% to anything turned in a month late, 20% to anything turned in a week late, and actually grade the things turned in nearly on-time. That'll trim down the mountain of homework substantially.