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devil duck

dream journal

Scene: a Psych 100 class, being subjected (as they so often are) to a behavioral experiment. The students in the class were divided randomly into about ten groups. The first group were each given a candy. The second, third, etc. groups were then each given something much more valuable, of which the only one I remember was "you're allowed to sleep as long as you wish." (One group was given nothing at all.) Then all the students competed individually in a variety of contests, some of which were designed to favor the students who had gotten a particular reward. The first observation was that the students developed a strong sense of "team nationalism", sticking voluntarily to the classmates who had been given the same reward. The students who had gotten nothing at all weren't particularly grumpy or resentful, perhaps because they held out hope that they would yet get something good. The students who had gotten a candy were the angriest and the most competitive in the contests, doing hours of stationary-bike training and things like that, glowering all the while.

Sources: I'm guessing that this has some connection to the cucumber/grape experiment, which I watched some time in the past few weeks, and some connections to the new Hunger Games movie (which I haven't seen yet, but I reread the book a few weeks ago in preparation for seeing it), and some to my sense of being perennially underslept.