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devil duck


No, not about the Federal government shutdown. I just pulled the lever on a voting machine. There was only one issue on the ballot: a run-off between the top two vote-getters in the primary for the Democratic nomination for New York City Public Advocate. Not a trivial office, as it doubles as "vice mayor" of an 8-million-person city,, but the City just spent $13 million on a one-question election to decide which of two little-known local politicians gets to run on the Democratic line a month from now for an office whose annual budget is $2 million.

The party primary system is broken, not only because it wastes money on extra elections, but because it encourages candidates to appeal to the center of the primary-voting segment of their own party, rather than to the center of all their voting constituents. (Wait: I said this wasn't about the Federal government shutdown. So I lied.)

Give me a ranked voting system. I don't care much whether it's instant runoff, Borda count, or Condorcet count -- although I prefer the Borda count on mathematical and efficiency grounds -- as any of them would be a big improvement over what we've got now.