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devil duck

dream journal

shalmestere, I, and the entire Monty Python regular cast are all elite agents working for an international spy agency. As the dream opens, we're all gathered in a large meeting room watching a presentation by the administration. The room is dotted with redshirts loyal to the administration, and as the presentation unfolds it becomes clear why: there have been major budget cuts, and a lot of us elite agents are going to be laid off, furloughed, or pay-cut. Naturally, there's a lot of grumbling.

A cartoon circulates among the agents about the folly of pissing off such a group of people: "Here is a highly-trained assassin [with a picture of one]. Here is a bomb creation-and-disposal expert [picture]. Here is [insert a few more specialized job descriptions and their pictures]. Here is an agent demonstrating how to move a bomb harmlessly to outer space [picture of agent, wearing space suit and floating in zero-G, holding onto a redshirt and an administration tool, NOT wearing space suits, eyes popping out]."

There was another series of action after this, but I've lost it. Oh well.