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devil duck

We've created a monster...

The hounds seem to have enjoyed the SCA business meeting Friday night: there were lots of new people to sniff, most of whom scritched them and told them they were beautiful and well-behaved. And I thought that was that...

Saturday night shalmestere was sitting on the couch folding laundry while watching old Saturday Night Live sketches. In one of the sketches, a doorbell rang -- and both hounds jumped off their beds, woofed, and headed for the door. They've never done this before, but the next time a doorbell rang on the TV, they did it again.

I guess we now have watchdogs, who will let us know if a burglar is so considerate as to ring the doorbell before coming in.


Do they run to the door for the Actual doorbell?
Next business meeting you host, everybody has to climb in through a window.
That would be one way to condition them.

It would also be a good of finding out how community-minded our neighbors actually are ("Hello, I want to report a burglary....Yes, twelve people just climbed through the front porch windows at $ADDRESS...") :->
"... And several of them seem to have brought dessert..."