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devil duck

The week in review

I've spent part of the week moving boxes from my old office into my new office, unpacking things, finding places for things.... There are several boxes that never got unpacked from the previous office move (in part because I was moving into a smaller office and simply never found good places to put things, and in part because I realistically didn't need that stuff); I've found places for some of this, and thrown out some of it. Realistically, I'm never going to read that conference proceedings from 2004, or all those back issues of professional journals going back to the 1990's. And I probably don't need those photocopies of articles my grad-school professors assigned me to read: even if I did need to re-read those things or assign them to a student, I'm sure they're all on the Web.

Thursday evening I gave a talk to the Long Island Java Users' Group on the subject "Functional Programming in Java: Why and How". The Long Island Java Users' Group has, officially, 28 members, of whom about 7 were in attendance; I'm told this was the most well-attended meeting yet. So it was an intimate, informal affair: the pizza arrived about 2/3 of the way through my talk. At least three of the seven people in the audience had previously been to one of my Program By Design workshops, so they already had some grounding in functional programming, but may not have given much thought to doing it in what's not traditionally considered a "functional language". The last section of the talk was a preview of Java 1.8, which when it comes out in 2014 will have a number of features to make functional programming easier. Anyway, there were some good questions and good comments.

I spent Friday pre-cooking for an SCA business meeting hosted at our house. Hummus b'tahini, pasta with garlic yogurt sauce, olive tapenade, carrot slaw, roasted broccoli salad, larb gai, prosciutto-and-melon, and grilled lamb. (shalmestere was at work, but she did a lot of the house-cleaning Thursday and Friday, made a batch of comfort-food-from-your-childhood lemon cake, and did most of the plating.) There were maybe twenty people, the food went over well, no last-minute disasters, and even the SCA business discussion was tolerable. And we now have leftovers for weeks, and no room in the fridge or the freezer (which is why I'm not at the farmer's market this morning).