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devil duck


Got up early, packed the car, and drove to Boston, making our first concert with 10 minutes to spare. The Peabody Consort, made up of 5 students and 2 faculty, did a program centered on Henry VIII: himself, his daughter and grand-nephew, his in-laws, and the Sephardim who fled said in-laws for his court. Two excellent singers who did some good romantic-drama schtick, a kick-ass viol player (who as shalmestere points out is also decorative, and a sophomore in college), an excellent recorder player, an excellent lute/oud player, each given his/her opportunity to shine within a coherent program.

Then we walked a rapid mile to the next concert, by Meravelha: this program was a variety of 12th-15th-century pieces assembled to tell a "boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, girl becomes nun" story, so we were looking forward to it. Some pieces worked better than others: they had two sopranos, a mezzo, and a bass-baritone, and I think the sopranos won the vote on where to pitch things, so some of the pieces sounded a little shrill. They did some good Asteria-style romantic "business": for example, at the "boy gets girl" point, they took hands and sat silently together, her head on his shoulder, while the other musicians did the next number, after which the remaining singer (Cathy Stein, whom we know from Amherst) tapped the "girl" and gave her an "it's time to go" nod, leading into "Adieu ces bons vins", and this worked nicely.

Anyway, then we walked the mile back to the previous venue to hear the University of North Texas collegium. We hadn't planned to go to this concert, as it was pretty Baroque, but there was a big gap in our schedule, and we're glad we did: the ensemble of fifty-odd students was quite tight and polished, there were several excellent soloists (a traverso and several singers), and several sackbuts and natural-trumpets (which get a full scale by having four holes along the bore).

Then off to Newbury St for food.


Sounds lovely.

FYI, just in case your notice arrived after you left, EMS is at the Revere Hotel, stands 27 & 28 on the Mezzanine level.

Mine arrived in the mail this afternoon.
Actually, I got said notice a couple weeks ago; evidently EMS decided to send them alphabetically by first name....
So I should get it in about two weeks?