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devil duck

Thanksgiving stuff

I am thankful...

  • for walks in the park on a beautiful November day with shalmestere and the Things

  • <arlo>for a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat</arlo>, which we cooked together

  • that shalmestere and I, despite countless failures of communication, are still together and still trying to understand one another

  • that both shalmestere and I have jobs which

    • we believe in, i.e. the world is better with somebody doing this job than without;

    • pay a livable wage;

    • we're reasonably good at; and

    • we mostly enjoy.

  • that we can afford pretty much everything we need, and a fair number of things we want

  • that among all the centuries I might have been born into, I'm privileged to witness the Information Revolution (and therefore I have easy access to learn about the other centuries too, and email, and LJ, and programming languages, and...)

  • that although all four large mammals in the house have minor health issues, we have nothing serious

  • for friends and family, however eccentric

  • that I live in the US; as much as I kvetch about the way it's being run at the moment, there are many worse places I could be living

  • that I live within fifteen minutes' walk of groceries, non-blockbuster movies, doctor, dentist, vet, bike repair, library, barbers, post offices, banks, restaurants, drugstores, public transit that works, and a square mile of forest

  • (especially on Thanksgiving evening) for automatic dishwashers


Still Together, Huh?

Thanks...I think :-/