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devil duck

shaken, but not stirred

So I was driving home from Commencement in the rain, somewhat hungry (I had breakfast around 7:00, and Commencement ended at nearly 1:00). Most of the cars around me were doing 60-65 MPH, but I thought "hungry or not, I don't have a pressing deadline, and it's raining; I'll drop to the speed limit." Which was fine until I got within two blocks of home, a spot we call Deadman's Curve: a steep down-hill at the bottom of which the road makes a 90-degree blind curve, with cars parked on both sides. As usual, I braked gently coming down the hill, but after the 90-degree turn, the car decided to do another 10 or 20 degrees I hadn't asked for. I corrected, and it spun around 180 degrees until I was looking into the face of the driver who had been behind me a moment before. Miraculously, she didn't hit me, and nobody else rear-ended her, and I didn't hit any of the parked cars, but I was pretty shaken when I got home.


Damn that's scary! I know that curve and I'm really glad you're ok.
I know that curve...

Tangentially, it's also the location of the bus stop closest to our house. Crossing that stretch on foot at the end of the day can be an ordeal (in fact, in the wintertime I get off one stop early and walk farther just to avoid crossing in the dark :-/).
Whew! I'm glad you're okay!