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Deficits and jobs

Update to this post: a shorter, simpler link to the petition.

For those who didn't read it before, this is a petition to the White House suggesting that as long as interest rates are low and unemployment is high, creating jobs is a more urgent priority than cutting budget deficits -- indeed, creating jobs will cut deficits in the long run. If you agree, please sign and propagate the signal!


deficits, economics, politics

I feel confident that that already is the preferred priority of the administration. It is NOT the preferred priority of the far right which has taken control of the Republican Party and, effectively, both houses of Congress. Paul Krugman in the NYT has probably written at least 50 columns stressing this very point. Yes, the deficit matters, but creating jobs has to be done first and that requires federal investment, i.e., stimulus. And the Rs in Congress have successfully demonized federal stimulus spending claiming the one major stimulus effort in 2009 "didn't create a single job" despite reams of evidence indicating the stimulus program contributed in a major way to preventing a full depression. I will sign the petition though.

Re: deficits, economics, politics

You may be right about the administration's preferences, but I wanted an opportunity for The People to express their preferences, which I think are probably pretty strongly in favor of what I've said.
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