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devil duck


The LIRR waiting room is for passengers only, so every hour or so an officer goes through asking people to show their tickets and evicting the inevitable homeless who don't have tickets. Today I was sitting near a couple of middle-class-looking white folks who politely got up to leave, since they'd been planning to buy their tickets on the train; the officer assured them that this was understandable, and they didn't have to leave.

Then the officer got to Homeless Guy from Central Casting. I didn't hear the start of the exchange, but when it came to raised voices it was "This ticket allows me to ride the train. You asked me to show you a ticket, and I showed you a ticket. Now get your hands off me! Do you want to get sued? Do you want to get sued? Are you above the law?" Out with the handcuffs, and now they're grappling. "Get off of me! Get your hands off of me!" Then they're on the ground, and another policeman comes running. Then two more. Then two more. Then two more. Then two more. Does it take every officer in Penn Station to deal with one homeless-looking guy?

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and he had a ticket? I was someone on the train the other day - he didn't exactly look like homeless from central casting, but sure smelled it. I was seriously wondering if he was unwashed due to no electricity or hot water in his domicile. It's not a good time to be judging.
I don't know whether he actually had a valid ticket, but he said he did. And the first physical contact was definitely the officer pushing or grabbing his chest.