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devil duck

I had a dream...

I was in a major city in a foreign country -- Montreal, or Paris, or something like that -- and taking the subway to get somewhere. At one point somebody on the train (who looked and sounded very American) said to me "We never get Americans here on the M line." I knew I was on the right line, but I took a moment to check my travel plans, and realized that I wasn't sure what stop to get off, nor what building to go to once I got off. So I headed back to the hotel where my directions were.

By this time it was too late to get to my appointment on time by subway, so shalmestere very kindly offered to fly me there in the ultralight. As we were flying over the river that ran through the center of the city, I looked down and pointed out a couple of whales in the river, and we both admired them for a minute or two. Really Big whales, whose length was something like a quarter of the river's width. Then one of them breached right underneath us and we lost control of the ultralight, crashing into the water. Neither of us was hurt, and we swam to shore without difficulty, but the ultralight was at the bottom of the river; I thought I could just barely see it down there, and was just about to swim down and try to pull it out of the river, but woke up before it occurred to me that it was at least thirty feet below the surface, and it wasn't that light.


You get much more interesting dreams than I do!

Were you predicting the Paris Transit strike, by any chance?