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The morning John Boehner says, in a spirit of bipartisan compromise, he's willing to consider increasing revenues, as long as it doesn't involve raising taxes (!) He adds that the way to get the deficit under control is to grow the economy so there are more people paying taxes. What a concept! If he'd been willing to say that three years ago, we'd have more people working and a AAA-plus credit rating right now.

I'm still not clear on how he proposes to grow the economy -- probably by laying off more public-sector employees so they can move to the abundance of "real" jobs in the private sector. And by closing tax loopholes (while lowering rates, so he can't be accused of raising taxes) to make the economy very slightly more efficient.

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The problem is that if they don't do ANYTHING, not only do the tax cuts expire (making D's somewhat happy but slowing the economy), but there are also a bunch of automatic spending cuts (making R's somewhat happy but slowing the economy). If both things happen in full, we go back into recession, and anybody who was on duty at the time loses his re-election bid.
Well, both sides have some free time now that ''making Obama a one-term president'' is off the table.

I realize those weren't Boehner's words, but Boehner did nothing to suggest compromises other than that peculiar Republican ''compromise'' where they get everything they want and the opposition gets bupkus.
Yes, that's pretty much the size of it. "We'll accept increased revenue as a result of a growing economy. We all know that the way to make the economy grow is to make government shrink, with a combination of tax cuts and spending cuts. So let's work together, in a spirit of bipartisan compromise, and do exactly what I've wanted all along."