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devil duck

How much does it take to flood you?

Visit http://geology.com/sea-level-rise/ , select an amount of sea level rise, and see how much of your home town would be flooded. There are links specifically to maps of NYC, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington DC, Venice, Florida, the Nile Delta, and the Netherlands, but AFAICT the program works for anywhere in the world that Google has elevation data.

BTW, the highest storm surge due to Sandy in NYC was about 14 feet, somewhere between 4-5 meters.


what a nifty tool!

The water would have to be OVER 50 Meters past "normal" sea level to affect me. I KNEW that hill was steep but didn't realize quite how steep!
Ok to repost as a quote of your entry yes/no?
Sure, no prob.
30 meters where I am now. Don't want to think of what the rest of the area would be going through. Yikes!