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devil duck


Last night I was poking around in the freezer and found a couple of beef loin medallions dated almost a year ago, so I got them out to thaw. Tonight I patted them dry with paper towels, salted and peppered them, seared them for a minute on each side in butter, then wrapped a strip of bacon around each piece and put them back in the pan for about five minutes more. I was worried that the beef would be overcooked by the time the bacon was cooked, but that didn't (quite) happen: the beef was medium-rare and lusciously tender, and the bacon was a little squiggly but edible. I think pre-cooking the bacon for a minute or so would have made it perfect.

On the side was a large mound of "fauxtatoes" (cauliflower, microwaved to fork-tender, then pureed with the sorts of things one puts in mashed potatoes). This time it was half of a huge farmer's-market cauliflower, 4 ounces of farmer cheese, about 10 ounces of white cheddar, about four cloves of garlic (microwaved with the cauliflower), a good-sized sploosh of buttermilk, the same of heavy cream, about half a cup of Greek yogurt, and a good bit of black pepper. Turned out very nicely.

Meanwhile, I was making brisket for tomorrow: I sauteed some bacon in a Dutch oven, removed it, seared the brisket on all sides in bacon grease, removed it, threw in a mirepoix of celery, carrots, leeks, and garlic (all from the farmer's market) for a few minutes' sauteeing, then added back the brisket and the (crumbled) bacon along with a bottle of Sam Adams Light, and stuck the whole thing in the oven for several hours. Now it's in the fridge.

To make room for all the leftovers in the fridge, I had to repackage the ham leftovers into something smaller, and put the ham-bone in a pot to simmer off the hammy goodness so I can throw it away. So the house will probably shortly smell very hammy.

Dessert will probably be high-protein, low-carb Red Velvet cupcakes (for a dozen cupcakes, I used 9 eggs, half a cup of coconut flour, etc).


There's nothing better than ham stock for cooking any type of legume!
Yes, we were planning on lentil soup one of these days.
Sounds good.

I tried the cauliflower a bit ago (we had a *huge* cauliflower from the CSA, so I did several things with it.) It's lovely stuff, but I don't get the purported connection with or substitution for potatoes. Only thing I see them having in common is color. Am I missing something?


Color, and the kinds of flavorings you mix in (buttermilk, garlic, black pepper, maybe cheese, etc.)
damn you, i already HAD dinner and now you've got me craving food again.