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pipe & tabor

RIP George McGovern

In 1970, at age six, I attended my first political event: an Earth Day march through the streets of Pittsburgh, wearing a filter mask the whole way to emphasize concern about air pollution. Obviously, this was my parents' idea, and they brought me along, but I had some idea what the issues were, and I did care about having clean air and clean water.

In 1972, at age eight, I attended my second political event: a McGovern presidential rally. I don't remember much about it, but I was in the same room with George McGovern, in whom my parents believed passionately. A few months later, my parents took me with them to the voting booth to see how voting works, and later that day we watched on TV as Nixon won 49 states (IIRC). Not a happy day, but it gave me the model that adults pay attention to politics, and vote, and accept the results, and keep going.


Partially OT...but Pittsburgh? Dear God, are you another Western Pennsylvania refugee???

(I'm from Pleasant Hills)


I was born in Kentucky, but spent 1968-1970 in Pittsburgh, followed by 1970-1972 in Akron. (My family moved around a lot. Nobody was in the military, unless you count my father's church. Every few years, they would pick a city that hadn't yet been saved for the Lord's recovery; a bunch of them would move to that city, they'd buy a couple of houses tax-exempt with Church money, and use one as a meeting place while the others served as dorms for single church members. As soon as they'd built a stable population in that city, they'd pick another city and start all over again.)
I'm happy to say that I cast my first Presidential vote for George McGovern. He was a remarkable man.