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devil duck

Went to a meeting 12 miles away in Brooklyn. There are three ways to get there: the direct way, mostly on heavily-trafficked surface streets through unpleasant industrial neighborhoods; the out-of-the-way way, on the LIE and the BQE; and the even-more-out-of-the-way way, on the Belt and the BQE. The traffic reports for the Belt were promising, so we took that route. It took an hour to get there. Meeting went on for 2-1/2 hours, at the end of which we had agreed on two short paragraphs of policy. Meeting location is about 1/2 mile from the BQE, but it took us 25 minutes to get back onto the BQE because of one-way streets, streets that end abruptly, and a lack of signage. Took the BQE and LIE home; still took an hour in all.


I'm told that there are areas where "how far away is it?" and "how long does it take to get there?" are interchangeable questions.

I saw a neat map of the Boston subway system with the space between stations representing how long the train takes to get between them. I wonder what a similar map of NYC traffic, or at least relevant neighborhoods/squares, would look like?
Mass transit might be possible via Jamaica-->Atlantic Terminal-->subway to Bay Ridge, but I doubt it would take any less time.

The whole area is so densely populated / honeycombed with streets that I just stopped looking at relative distances, and then the headaches went away. Mostly.

If there is an event planner and site rental involved, it would be worth pointing that out. It could counter price of site rental.

Unless, er, this is an SCA thing in which case yer skrewt.
No, this is an SCA meeting at a member's house.