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devil duck


We're at a B&B in Delaware that not only allows dogs, but has a large, grassy, fenced dog-run in the front yard. Thing Two has been running around like a fool, and even Thing One, normally the stick-in-the-mud, has done some running. It's amazing to watch them chase one another, doing tight turns around us and the lawn furniture at 35 MPH.

The weather yesterday was gorgeous, if a bit windy, so we drove down to Assateague and walked on the beach. It was really windy, so we headed inland for some shelter from the wind. Most of the trees on Assateague seem to be about 8 feet tall, but we got into a taller section where there was almost no wind, so I took off my hat and hood -- and heard a veritable symphony of birdsong. Not a happy symphony, I admit: the birds were Not At All Pleased about the Things. But shalmestere and I just stood there in this sunny clearing, listening to the birds, for several minutes until somebody in Birdland flipped the switch and they all stopped as one. Life is good.

We saw four or five of the famed Assateague horses, mostly the ones who seem to be delegated as "greeters" at the bridge where cars enter the island. They're still cool, even when they're sticking their faces in car windows hoping for a hand-out. Not much bird life: lots of either herring or ring-billed gulls, a few black-backed, and two egrets. I watched one gull who kept flying straight up about forty feet and dropping something, presumably a clam that was reluctant to open up and be eaten (or maybe a rock mistaken for a clam).

After a few windswept hours at Assateague, we drove to Ocean City (which is REALLY SCARY -- it looks like Vegas without the casinos) and got some yummy crab cakes for lunch. Back on the mainland, we saw a billboard saying "Support Local Cows: visit Chesapeake Bay Dairy". Having both just read Barbara Kingsolver's new non-fiction about local produce, we considered it our moral and civic duty to stop in. We had only been planning on a bit of ice cream, but the very friendly, chatty owner offered us samples of about half a dozen kinds of cheese (chocolate-mint Colby?) and we bought some of those as well. Ate some of their fabulous ice cream at a picnic table in their front yard, with the Things lying in the sun on the grass. Life is good.

Back to the B&B, where we took a much-needed nap before going outlet-shopping, then returned to the B&B, ran the dogs around in the front yard, and sat in the hot tub under a clear, cold, starry sky. Life is still good.

Edit: now that we're home, I've un-friends-locked this.