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devil duck

Little life improvements

Last week, after ten years of "putting it off" and a month of scheduling delays, we had some workmen in to replace the bedroom ceiling. The acoustical tiles (which had been hung poorly, so they'd been sagging since we bought the place) are gone, and replaced with drywall. The overhead light fixture, which was a couple of wires, has been replaced with a proper junction box, braced to hold 250 pounds or so (I saw one of the workmen doing pullups on it).

So over the weekend we went to Home Depot, bought a ceiling-fan-light fixture, and installed it. When we flipped the circuit breaker, there were no sparks, no smoke, no explosions, and the fan started turning. When we turned on the light, it lit up. The bedroom is both more attractive and more comfortable.

Since we had moved some of the furniture out of the bedroom in preparation for the ceiling repair, we're taking the opportunity to finally put down some quarter-round where the baseboards meet the parquet floor we installed three years ago.

This morning I took the car to the body shop to have the hood repaired after a misunderstanding with a truck on the LIE. It was a gorgeous day, so I loaded my bicycle into the back and came home that way. The car should be ready in two or three days.

And I've confirmed a reservation at a B&B for the first night of our trip to Ireland. There are a bunch more reservations to be made, but this is a step in the right direction.