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devil duck


Washed a bunch of dishes.
Baked two loaves of bread.
Washed more dishes.
Baked a dozen crustless broccoli tartlets.
Washed more dishes.
Baked seventeen Paris-Pie pasties (before I ran out of pastry dough; I've used up less than half of the filling).
Sink is overflowing with dirty dishes.
Still to come: maybe make some more dough and some more pasties, maybe make some macaroons with the leftover egg whites, definitely wash more dishes.


Pastez de Pares

How many pasties do you think we'll need? You could either stop making them, and freeze the rest of the filling; or pick a nice round number, make enough pasties to reach that number, and then freeze the rest of the filling.
How many dishes do you use when cooking? 8)
Rawther a lot, really (it would appear)