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devil duck

how long...?

Seven weeks ago I had a cold.
Six weeks ago I was home after spending several hours at the emergency room; no clear diagnosis.
Five weeks ago I was home after spending two days in a hospital room, diagnosis pneumonia.
Four weeks ago I had a bit of a relapse -- not enough to go back to the hospital, but enough to convince me not to go back to work yet, much less that day's Renaissance dance class.
Three weeks ago I was back to work, avoiding anything remotely physically strenuous.
Two weeks ago I was well enough to shovel snow and ice, with frequent breaks. (Actually, the cold fresh air felt pretty good.)
Last week I spent several hours playing recorder with shalmestere and woodwindy. The recorder doesn't take a lot of air, but I still felt a tickle and a "thin" feeling in my lungs whenever I took a deep breath.
This morning shalmestere and I went to church and I tried to sing. The tone and range were no worse than usual, except on the several occasions that my throat clogged up and nothing came out except coughing. This afternoon we went to a Renaissance dance class: no strenuous steps, but I still had the tickle and the "thin" feeling. How long does this go on?

I guess I shouldn't complain: a friend who had pneumonia a year or two ago spent a week in the hospital, and didn't get back to work full-time for three months. I'm walking around and doing most of my normal daily activities; I just have to remember that playing recorder, singing, running for a train, etc. will leave me more winded than they would have a few months ago. I haven't tried the shawm yet... come to think of it, the shawm takes more breath pressure than breath volume, so it might actually be easier than recorder or singing. More news at 10....